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Las Vegas Bus Driver Hailed As Hero After Kindness To Old Man Goes Viral.

Las Vegas is known for slot machines, concerts, Cirque de Soleil, and all around good times. The city has been playfully dubbed “Sin City” because, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

With the associations attached to Las Vegas, it can be hard to remember that aside from a popular tourist destination, it’s also a city in the Nevada Desert where regular people live their daily lives. Lives that don’t involve poker or all-you-can-eat buffets.

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Like most other cities across America, Las Vegas has been experiencing an extreme heatwave. The week of July 22, 2018, the city was under a heat advisory with temperatures up to 114 degrees.

On July 31, 2018, Las Vegas RTC bus driver, Mike Blair, was driving his usual route in his air conditioned bus. With each stop, passengers would come in from the hot sun and sit down in relief.


However, at one stop, he noticed an older gentleman didn’t get on the bus. In fact, Blair mentioned that the man “started to grasp the wall“, looking as if he would faint. Knowing how extreme the heat was, Blair got off the bus and helped the 92-year-old man on board.

After sitting the man down, Blair grabbed the bottle of water he had packed in his own lunchbox and helped the older gentleman drink the water. It was at this point that another bus-rider snapped a photo of the kind gesture.

The passenger shared the photo on Twitter and it went viral.

According to Blair, he had no idea that the picture had been captured, he was simply doing whatever he could to help this man who was clearly suffering.

As expected, Twitter users praised the bus driver for his kindness – particularly given the extreme heat.


After cooling off, the older gentleman seemed to be doing much better and eventually got off the bus – but not before thanking Blair for his kindness.

It’s amazing how the world becomes a much sweeter place when we take care of those in need. Don’t forget to share this selfless act of kindness today!

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