21-Yr-Old With Downs Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction To Surprise Birthday Parade.

Mikayla DaPonte of Fall River, Massachusetts, had big plans for her 21st birthday.

She and her mom were going to take a trip to Foxwoods Resort Casino, sip on Shirley Temples, and try their luck at the penny machines. Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus pandemic canceled their big night. Still, Mikayla’s birthday couldn’t have been more special, and it’s all thanks to a beautiful surprise from her loved ones!


Her parents decided since she couldn’t go out, they would bring the festivities to her.

They recruited their friends and relatives and secretly organized a drive-by parade that had Mikayla shrieking in delight. Led by Fall River Police Department cruisers, her community celebrated her big day in the best way, honking and holding up signs as she watched from her balcony.

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mikayla's birthday parade

Mikayla loved every second of the wonderful surprise, but her favorite part by far was seeing her mom. Since Mikayla has Down syndrome and her mom is an ER nurse, the two of them have had to stay apart.

“She hasn’t seen her mom in person for weeks now,” her dad Karl explained. “Mikayla’s compromised immune system along with her mom working the front lines makes for tough times.”

mikayla's birthday parade

Despite the difficult situation, Mikayla had a blast watching everyone go by — including her grandmother, who was following close behind her mom.

While it wasn’t the celebration she’d pictured, it turned out to be even better!

mikayla's birthday parade

Quarantine is hard, especially for those who are separated from their beloved family members. Even so, love always finds a way! Happy birthday, Mikayla!

Watch the uplifting parade in the video below, and share the joy with your friends. For more stories of hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

Her mother is a R.N. and works in the E.R. Mikaylas plans with her mother to go to Foxwoods were crushed. To make matters worse she wasn't even able to hug her mom. She hasn't seen her mom in person for weeks now. Mikayla's compromised immune system along with her mom working the front lines makes for tough times.

Posted by Karl DaPonte on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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