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Dog Won’t Go Inside In Sub-Zero Temps, Leads Dad To Save 87-Yr-Old Neighbor’s Life.

Minnesota residents aren’t scared of a little cold. In fact, below-zero temperatures are a regular occurrence in the wintertime. So, when something needs to be done outside of the house, it takes more than a little frigid weather to keep them inside.

Even still, Tim Curfman is careful with his 4-year-old dog, Midnight, during cold spurts, and only takes her out for short periods of time. Recently he let his pup out to play as he took out the garbage, but he had no idea that Midnight would end up saving a life.

CBS News

According to Tim, while they were outside in the -1 degree cold, Midnight “perked” her ears up and looked at him as if something was wrong. He told CBS that “she doesn’t normally do that” so he definitely had the “feeling that something was up.”

Midnight then led him to the side of his house where he saw his 87-year-old next door neighbor, Noreen, had fallen while trying to fill her bird feeder. She was stuck where she had fallen and couldn’t get herself up.

CBS News

Tim suspects his sweet neighbor had been out there for a solid 30 minutes trying to get up. He quickly ran to her side and called for his wife to help. The couple got Noreen inside and into some warm, dry clothes. Noreen made a full recovery, only because Midnight found her in the nick of time.

CBS News

As for Midnight? Tim said “she got so many treats it was a shame” because he’s “been very proud of her because it’s not every dog that pays attention to things like this.”

We agree Midnight deserves all the treats her heart desires!

Check out the full story in the video below & don’t forget to share Midnight’s heroic efforts with your friends!

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