Homeowner Builds Insanely Elaborate Light Show Synced Up To Michael Jackson’s Hits.

At some point in life, most of us have driven around town during the month of December to look at homes decorated with lights. Some homes are beautiful, some are so over-the-top that even Clark Griswold would cringe, and some are basically works of art.

Tom BetGeorge, owner of the company Magic Light Shows, earns his living by decorating homes with impressive lighting displays (that definitely fall under the “works of art” category). This year, he couldn’t wait for December, so he decked out his home for Halloween.


Tom’s home is not only lit up, but it’s also synchronized to Michael Jackson music. In a video posted online, the lights flash, dance, and even mimic singing to some of Jackson’s classics like “Thriller” and “Bad”. Tom put so much detail into the display, even the keys on the piano are accurate.


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Tom’s home has become a famous spot in his California community. On October 21, he posted a video of a crowd gathered in front of his home complete with kids running around and adults watching the display in awe. In the video, a small child is seen dancing along to the music in his wheelchair, which Tom said “singlehandedly made it all worth it”.


It’s no surprise that the internet loves the house too. Tom’s video has been shared across multiple social media platforms and has gathered numerous comments from followers – the majority of which simply note how “cool” and “amazing” the display is (likely because it’s hard to find any word big enough to describe the awesomeness of light show).


Check out Tom’s work of art in the video below – and don’t forget to share!

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