Meteorologist Gives Weather Report With A Special Guest — Her Sleeping Toddler.

Being a mom is rewarding, exhausting, thrilling, difficult, and amazing all at the same time. It doesn't matter if you stay home with your child, work part-time, or 40+ hours a week, being a mom means having to learn the art of juggling 100s of things each day. Meteorologist Susie Martin demonstrated what that juggling looks like to more than 1 million viewers when she presented the national forecast with a special guest. During the weather report, Susie began the segment normally but then mentioned it was International Babywearing Week and turned around to introduce her special helper: her sweet, 21-month-old son. She was sure to mention, though, that her son is a toddler, not a baby — something he reminds her of "daily," she joked. Apparently, the week is very near and dear to Susie's heart because she says that babywearing allowed her and her son to "bond during the early stages of infancy." Additionally, she says it's been an invaluable tool for her to soothe her son while also doing other tasks. Well, that's definitely clear in the video, because just moments after Susie introduced her little boy, he passed out! Cameras rolling, lights shining bright, and the tiny tyke just went right to sleep. (We're honestly a little jealous!) Praedictix posted the forecast on their Facebook page with a funny disclaimer noting that Susie's "assistant was found sleeping on the job" and they apologized "for the inconvenience." The video gained a lot of attention and Facebook users have been cheering for the working mom; though some were bigger fans of the little kid, admitting they didn't even pay attention to the actual report, because they were too busy staring at the adorable boy. Fellow moms particularly loved the video because it showed the reality of being a working mother. For many parents, being able to wear their baby at work would be a dream come true. They applauded Susie's employer for allowing her to share her passions for being a mom, babywearing, and working in a field she loves — all at the same time. Watch the cute weather report below, and be sure to share with anyone who could use a dose of cuteness and a laugh.
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