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Memphis Reporter Captures Touching Moment Between Elderly Woman & Young Man.

Memphis News reporter Tish Clark was reporting on an unrelated story when she stumbled upon a scene that touched her heart.

“An elderly lady approached a young man, a stranger, and told him that she would buy his lunch if he would walk her to her car. That’s all she wanted. She didn’t want to cross the street alone,” wrote Tish. “He said, ‘Ma’am. I’ll be happy to walk you to your car, and you can save your money. You don’t need to buy me anything.'”


Tish knew right away she was witnessing a special act of kindness and snapped a photo. Her picture has garnered thousands of likes, shares, and comments from Memphis locals and beyond, thanking Tish for capturing this touching moment, and giving kudos to this selfless young man.

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