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Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Went Missing, But When Police Learned Where He Was Going… Heart-Wrenching!!

In 2011, Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then, life has become a lot harder for he and his wife, Doris, and also because of his trouble remembering life-changing events, like their wedding day 60 years ago. But his memory never stops the love in Melvyn’s heart… and Doris tells of one time that was very clear.

It was the day before Mother’s Day when Melvyn went missing from their home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He had wandered over 2 miles when police finally found him. The officers expected him to seem confused and out of it, he was actually having a moment of clarity. “Even though Melvyn didn’t know his address of where he’d come from, he absolutely knew where he was going.”

A man on a mission, Melvyn refused to go home until he bought flowers for Dorris.

He had given her flower every Mother’s Day since the birth of their child, and this year he wouldn’t let that tradition change. So rather than taking him straight home, the two officers drove him secretly to the nearest grocery store, even stopping to help him pick out which bouquet. That’s not the end of it though. When Melvyn came up short at the register, one of the officers didn’t even hesitate to hand over the outstanding balance.

When they returned home and Dorris understood what happened, she felt so loved and overwhelmed with joy. “It’s special because even though the mind doesn’t remember everything, the heart remembers,” she said.

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