Man Leaves Everything Behind On Epic Quest To Walk 25,000 Miles.

We thought marathons were intense, but they have nothing on Meigo Märk!

Over the past six years, the 29-year-old has hiked more than 12,400 miles from Estonia to Indonesia and visited 20 countries. Not to mention, he met the love of his life!


Meigo was living a typical life until he heard a TED Talk by Jean Béliveau in 2014. Jean shared the story of his 11-year hike across the world, and Meigo was instantly intrigued. In fact, when he heard the stranger’s words, he said, “Something changed inside me.”

So with less than $9 to his name, Meigo set out on a grand adventure! In order to make it through, he knew he would have to rely on the kindness of strangers along the way, and they didn’t let him down!

Over the years, more than 2,200 people have helped him on his journey by letting him join their family for a meal, hosting him for a few nights, or simply encouraging him to keep going. Meigo knows the number because he’s kept a diary to document all the goodness he’s been shown!


He’s visited places like Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Iran, and Singapore. One of his favorite stops was Vietnam because that’s where he met the woman who is now his wife: Sâm!

Sâm supported his mission from the moment she met him. She didn’t join him on his trek because she knew it was a journey he had to do himself, but she did meet him at specific points along the way.

The lovebirds were married in 2018 and welcomed a baby girl in 2019!


Even now, Meigo isn’t finished traveling. He plans to continue his hike until he’s walked the same distance as the earth’s equator, which comes out to nearly 25,000 miles.

While he’s had to stop for now because of COVID-19, he’s eager to get back out there. Although this time, his family will tag along!


“I never felt like quitting yet,” he said. “Even in tough times. The more I critically analyze my journey, the more I want to continue … I always try to have an attitude and sure conviction that all the challenges are actually very great opportunities that can really help us to become wiser, better, and stronger!”


Meigo is truly living the dream, and we can’t wait to see where he and his loved ones go next! You can learn more about his epic journey on YouTube or Instagram.

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