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Mcdonald's Campaign

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Food To Customers Who Want To Pay With Love.

On February 2, every McDonald’s restaurant in the US began giving random visitors free meals – as long as they agree to perform a random act of lovin’ in the store. The campaign goes all the way to Valentine’s Day. The acts could include something as simple as giving a fist-bump to a cashier, hugging whoever you came with, or calling a loved one just to say “I love you.”

Customer’s are definitely embracing the restaurant’s infamous slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It.” One mother featured in the campaign’s commercial is shown ordering a meal with her teenaged son, but before she paid she was asked to tell the cashier what she most loved about him. She sweetly answered, hugged him close, and left with a free order… I’d say that “Pay With Lovin’” is already a huge success!

In fact, the randomly chosen winners don’t even have to be a paying customers. Every store will be handing out 100 free orders during the two week period at pre-assigned times. The first person to walk through the door – even if they are simply there to use the restroom – are deemed a winner!

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