84-Yr-Old Sinks Epic 94-Foot Hole In One And Wins New Car.

Mary Ann Wakefield has been to plenty of Ole Miss athletic events, but one men’s basketball game will stand out forever — because she went home with a new car!

During a commercial break in a recent match against the University of Alabama, the 84-year-old was given an opportunity to compete in a seemingly impossible challenge. These competitions are notorious for being so difficult that competitors have one chance in a million to win, but nothing could stop Mary Ann from trying!


Once she got to the court, she was tasked with putting a golf ball through a tiny target hole that was 94 feet away. That meant she had to get her swing just right or she would never make it.

Decked out in Ole Miss gear, Mary Ann got into position, squared up, and gave it her best attempt. Everyone’s eyes quickly went wide when they saw how straight her shot was. Sure enough, her golf ball flew across the court and went right into the small goal!


The entire crowd went wild, and the university’s mascot ran over to give this shocked star athlete a congratulatory hug. Thanks to her mad putting skills, she’s now the proud owner of a 2020 Nissan Altima!

Apparently, Mary Ann missed her true calling as a professional golfer! She quickly became a viral sensation and took to Facebook to express her surprise: “Not in my WILDEST dreams would I imagine the coverage my putt would get on Facebook, Twitter, and international news channels.”


Mary Ann is the underdog we all need! Even when things seem impossible, we can find a way to succeed.

Check out her epic 94-foot putt in the video below, and share this story with your friends to remind them that they can do anything.


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