Daughter’s Innocent Question Inspires Mom To Lose 110 Pounds.

It’s a situation that’s all too relatable for a lot of moms. You start off relatively thin and in shape, but then after having kids, the excess weight lingers.

In the case of single mom Marsha Parker, she found herself carrying around quite a bit of extra weight. “I wasn’t doing too well financially and wanted to use whatever money I had on my daughter’s healthy eating,” Marsha recently told Shape. “So I always ended up eating stuff that made sense economically, which was almost always bad for my health.”

That’s when she started having headaches. Doctors told Marsha her health problems were likely due to being overweight, and they wanted to medicate her. That’s when her daughter, Kumari, asked why her mom was eating less healthy food. Instead, Marsha decided that it was time for a serious lifestyle change.

Marsha Parker

Marsha started running daily with her eight-year-old daughter. The single mom also took up kickboxing and later joined the treadmill fitness studio called The Mile High Run Club.

Not only did Marsha take start taking classes five times a week, it even motivated her to run a 10K race and eventually a half marathon!


Within a year, she’d dropped an incredible 100 pounds!

As proud as Marsha is of herself, young Kumari is her mom’s biggest cheerleader. Kumari makes sure to set an alarm for their runs around Central Park and Pelham Bay Park.


Marsha said, “[Kumari will] pat me on my back and say, ‘Mommy you’re doing great.'”


Today Marsha is down to 150 pounds and is fitter than ever.

She encourages herself by saying, “I am an athlete, I am a runner! I’m a runner, I’m an athlete and I’m going to crush this!” With her daughter by herself, it looks like Marsha will definitely continue to crush her fitness goals.

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