Marine Thought He’d Lost His Best Friend, But When He Turned To His Left He Couldn’t Believe It.

Serving in the military can be rough. To get through it you need deep friendships and a support system as solid as a rock.


Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach, a Veteran of the Afghanistan conflict, found his greatest support in a heroic labrador named Casey. Throughout brutal conflict, she saved his life and the lives of his fellow patriots countless times by detecting IED’s and similar explosive devices.

Naturally, the life and death consequences that surround wartime create an unbreakable bond between a man and his best friend. It is touching and emotional to see… and it’s been evident for centuries.

Dogs in military service can be traced back as far as the 7th century BC. They have served as trackers, sentries and patrollers, always close by and protecting their masters.

Sgt. Gundlach promised Casey during his first tour of duty that she would always have a home with him. Finally, thanks to the selfless efforts of fellow service-men, his dream has come true.

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