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Farmer Notices Mare Leading Blind Rescue Horse Through Pasture, Catches Heartwarming Friendship On Camera.

Daisy and Angel are two horse friends waiting to be adopted at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. They do everything together. But their friendship isn’t quite what you would think. Daisy, 10, is blind and completely relies on Angel,17, to be her eyes.

Their special friendship came about because of Angel’s gentle nature. In order to make her way around the pasture, Daisy must follow Angel very closely and even bumps into her every once in awhile. Most other horses would get annoyed after so many close quarter encounters, but Angel doesn’t seem to mind at all. If the duo gets separated, Angel will even call out to Daisy until they find each other again.

The ARL posted a video to their facebook page of Angel and Daisy paling around together that has recently gone viral, captioned “Sometimes you just need a friend who gets you.”

Carrie Spain, who cares for the larger barn animals at the ARL thinks people were moved by the video because “When people think of rescue horses, they just have this picture of them being sad in a stall, but these two are doing great. They can see how well (horses) can do when taken out of bad situations.”

It is a truly beautiful moment to witness. This world would change in a heartbeat if we all showed the same concern for our fellow man.

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