Meet Marco, 1 Of The Countless Kids Who Got A 2nd Chance Through This Nonprofit.

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Like many children across the world, Marco’s life drastically changed when the pandemic began. But the changes in his life were ones he was told to keep secret.

Marco’s dad was their sole source of income, so when he lost his job as a restaurant cook, it was absolutely devastating. With so many restaurants shutting down, finding a new job seemed impossible. Suddenly, Marco didn’t recognize his dad anymore.

boy named marco from mercy home for boys & girls smiling
Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

When he wasn’t lying around on the couch, stuck in a state of depression and drinking alcohol, he was angry. Dangerously angry. Eventually, Marco was able to pick up on small cues that it was going to be a bad day. There was a tension in the air, and before he knew it, his dad would snap.

Marco did his best to protect his mom, but this only left them both with bruises on their arms, torsos, and faces. They learned how to hide the evidence with makeup and clothes.

“Don’t tell anyone,” his mom would say. “People will misunderstand. Your father isn’t a bad man.”

boy named marco from mercy home for boys & girls standing outside at night and looking into the distance
Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

So Marco kept quiet. He did so, in part, because of his mom’s request, but also because of the way his dad would act after harming them. He’d sob as he apologized, always promising he’d never do it again. Marco desperately wanted to believe him, but the cycle continued.

Still, Marco said nothing. Even when school started back up and he was forced to wear long sleeves in warm weather. Even when he felt like he had to avoid his friends out of fear that he’d let something slip.

One day, though, a teacher noticed the bruises. Marco and his lab partner spilled something, and he instinctively rolled up his sleeves. The teacher spoke to him after class, but he insisted nothing was wrong. But it was because of this conversation that Marco was able to gain clarity.

The next time his dad got violent, Marco remembered his teacher. A realization hit him: All he wanted to do was protect his mom, and the best way to do that was to get help. With tears in his eyes, he confessed everything.

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Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

His teacher immediately got a social worker involved. His parents were referred for counseling, and Marco was introduced to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a Catholic nonprofit that temporarily provides people ages 11-24 with the safe, stable home they need.

At first, Marco wasn’t sure about going, especially since he’d be leaving his mom. It was his mom, however, who convinced him to give it a shot. The decision changed his life.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Suddenly, Marco was living in an environment entirely new to him. There was structure to his days and plenty of other kids he could bond with, something especially foreign to this only child. But his favorite part of his new home was his therapist.

After so much time spent hiding the truth, he was finally given the space to talk about anything and everything in a truly judgment-free zone. In doing so, he was given feedback, advice, and the realization that he wasn’t alone.

Now, he regularly attends family therapy with his parents, hoping to mend their relationship. He’s even looking into schools and wants to become a therapist so he can one day help others like him.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people who relate to Marco. That’s why Mercy Home works hard to provide young people with the therapeutic, educational, vocational, and spiritual support they need. But they can’t do it alone. That’s why they’re asking for your help today.

All gifts made through December 31 will be matched up to $100,000 thanks to the Foglia Family Foundation. That means your gift will go twice as far to help these kids heal from past trauma and build brighter futures.

The InspireMore team couldn’t agree more with Mercy Home’s mission to provide the safety, love, and encouragement these children need and deserve, which is exactly why we hope you’ll take this opportunity to donate whatever you can.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Don’t forget, you have through December 31 to double your gift and make even more of a difference in the lives of these kids in need.

Change a life today, and don’t forget to share this story to spread the word.

*We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible sponsors like Mercy Home. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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