Animal Rescuer Rappels Down Mine Shaft To Save Stranded Kangaroo.

One day, Manfred Zabinskas, the owner of Five Freedoms Animal Rescue in Australia, received a call about a kangaroo who had fallen into a mine shaft and needed help. Without hesitation, Manfred jumped into action to free him from danger!

Even though the kangaroo, who was later named Brad Pit, didn’t have any visible injuries, Manfred took him home to make sure he had everything he needed. Over the next week, the two of them developed a sweet friendship that is melting hearts around the world!

When Manfred first saw Brad Pit, the poor kangaroo was trapped at the bottom of a deep mine shaft. Determined to get him out, Manfred rappelled down the dirt wall to secure Brad before climbing back out himself. It was quite the physical endeavor!

Once Brad was safe and sound, Manfred took him to the rescue, where he was set up with a bed and some fresh grass.

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Around 10 that same night, Manfred checked on Brad, who was shivering and looking unwell. That’s when Manfred scooped the kangaroo up and brought him inside his own home, where the kangaroo was warmed with electric blankets and lots of love.

Brad Pit the Kangaroo

After getting through the first night, Brad realized Manfred and the rest of the team were there to help him! He started allowing them to pet him and even ate grass right from their hands!

About a week after he was rescued (and spoiled rotten while he recovered), Brad was ready to head back home!

Manfred captured his release into the wild on video. While it takes him a couple of seconds to get his bearings, Brad studies the nature around him before happily hopping off into his natural habitat!

Brad Pit the Kangaroo

What a daring encounter! We’re so glad Manfred was there for Brad when he needed help!

Learn more about the rescue in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

Rescuer saves kangaroo from death…twice

The rescuer could barely get out of the pit. There was no way the kangaroo would have survived without help. 🦘

Posted by Animalkind Stories on Friday, July 31, 2020

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