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boxer puppy cpr

Owner Finds Lifeless Newborn Puppy & Rushes To Save Her While Mama Oversees.

It was the day after Christmas and a mother boxer named Maggie was nursing her large litter of pups.

Since Maggie was a new mom, she hadn’t quite gotten the hang on parenting just yet. For the second time, the mama dog rolled over and didn’t notice that one of her puppies was trapped beneath her body. This time, she accidentally smothered one of them, a female, and the tiny white pup was not breathing.


Maggie’s owner, an unidentified Texas man who raises boxers in his Plum Grove home, discovered the puppy when he went to check on the dogs, and his quick thinking and skilled actions ended up saving the little dog’s life.

A video of the incident has now gone viral. In it, we see the man massaging the non-responsive puppy’s body and giving her short breaths as a form of canine CPR.


“My mama boxer laid on top of one of her female puppies while they were nursing and accidentally suffocated her. When I came inside to check on the puppies I couldn’t find one and realized what had happened,” he narrated as he worked.

The pup soon begins to show small signs of life, but she’s not breathing on her own yet. Undeterred, her rescuer continues to stroke her body and give her chest compression.


“I’m not sure how long the puppy had stopped breathing but it was definitely a blue/purple in color, I carried her to my kitchen and began CPR. After several minutes of giving breaths and stimulating the heart area, puppy finally caught her breath and began breathing on her own,” he added.

Maggie watches anxiously as Dad works on her pup, and all the while the man gently reprimands his dog for lying on top of her puppy. After several tense minutes, the little pup gives a tremendous gasp and begins to sputter again.


Within hours the puppy has fully recovered from the trauma, and she’s happily nursing from Maggie among her many squirming siblings.

“Look at this here,” the man says proudly. “A couple hours ago this little girl was not breathing because Maggie had laid on top of her but now she’s doing much better.”


This revival is nothing short of miraculous! It’s absolutely incredible to see a living being come back to life like this, and it’s definitely something that us non-medical professionals don’t see every day. Let’s hope that mama Maggie gets a little better about not lying on her pups!

Watch this incredible puppy recover in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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