He Poured His Heart Out During Powerful Audition, But The Moment Grandma Came Rushing On Stage Brought Him To Tears

The second 34-year-old Christopher Maloney planted his feet on center stage, you could see he was a nervous wreck. His shaking was uncontrollable.


According to his interview, no one except his “Nan” believed in the Liverpool native’s singing abilities.  Christopher had filled out the audition form five times before, but had backed out at the last minute each time because of crippling fear.

He finally mustered up the courage to do so in the 2012 season of The X Factor.

In his performance, he sang one of Bette Midler’s famous songs, “The Rose.” Although Christopher could barely even hold his microphone while speaking to the judges, the moment he opens his mouth to sing, everything comes into place… and that’s when we see why his grandmother believed in him so. His talent is unbelievable!

While Christopher was overwhelmed with stage fright, he still took the chance and pursued his dream. What an amazing feat! How will you encompass that same courage in your life?  Watch below to get inspired.


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