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Fearless Man Plays With Grizzly Like You Play With Your Puppy, I’m In Awe!

Wild animals can be incredibly dangerous, but every now and again a brave human and curious critter become best of friends.

We’ve seen a man play with a brown bear beneath a waterfall and another have a bear as his best man, but Jim and Jimbo the Grizzly have a seriously special relationship.

Since its founding in 1990, the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center in Calvert County, Maryland has rescued over 20,000 wild animals with a 94% rehabilitation rate. Jimbo the Grizzly was brought in by animal control as a juvenile but has grown into a seriously enormous and seemingly harmless colossus of a bear. Jim was with the center when Jimbo was brought in, and the two have become fast friends over the years.

Watch below as Jim and Jimbo spend some quality time together in the form of back scratches and bearhugs.

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