Anonymous West Texas Man Spends $1000 In A Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru, Paying For The Next 88 Customers In Line

texan spends $1000 and pays for meals of Chick fil A diners

One man just made everyone’s night at a Chick fil A in Abilene, Texas. Going under the simple and classic alias of “John,” the anonymous donor handed the drive-thru cashier multiple $100 bills, ultimately totaling $1000, and requested that the money be used to pay for other customers’ meals as long as it lasted.


drive thru fast food
Image via Rant Lifestyle

88 cars full of people received free meals because of this good samaritan, and cashiers reported that they saw a whole range of emotions throughout the experience. One woman was in tears after a tough day, while many were smiling, but every one of the customers were surprised by the selfless act. If “John’s” goal was to simply make everyone’s Monday better, well, mission accomplished.

chick fil a waffle fries and chicken nuggets
Image via Favim

Random acts of gratuitous kindness, such as this, never fail to inspire others. And, usually, they motivate the recipients to keep a chain of selfless acts going. Last month, at a Florida Starbucks, customers kept a chain of “paying it forward” going for 11 straight hours, with 378 people paying for the customer behind them in the drive-thru. It’s amazing how selfless actions from strangers can be truly overwhelming, and be the cause of events that are pure and great to the core.

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