He Targeted Sad Strangers With Flowers And Complements, Their Reactions Will Make Your Day

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” 


Rarely a day goes by when I fail to notice a stranger that looks a little down. I have those seasons myself now and again, but in those moments of melancholy, a kind word has meant the world to me.

In the video below, youtube personality Yousef of fouseyTUBE decided to spend his day handing out roses and compliments to complete strangers. “So today, I’m going to take it back to how it used to be and tell people that they are appreciated and loved in person.”

Sounds like a plan.

Watch below as Yousef pours out kindness on every person he sees on the street. Some of the ladies weren’t sure of his approach, but most light up like the sun when he says, “You’re beautiful, and I want you to feel appreciated.”

Here’s the Takeaway: When it comes from a genuine place, the ripples of kindness can echo on forever. Every day brings the chance to make someone smile… even a simple acknowledgement can make all the difference.

Watch the beautiful reactions below and share if you want to see more goodness in the world!


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