A Star Wars Sandtrooper Is Trekking Across Australia To Raise $100,000 For Children’s Hospital.

scott loxley on a road in australia

Scott Loxley of Victoria, Australia is on a major mission that involves a Star Wars Sandtrooper outfit, a lot of walking, and a children’s hospital. Loxley is a part of the 501st Legion, an organization dedicated to keeping interest in Star Wars alive and contributing to society using the films and costumes as a platform. The group uses its resources to contribute to fundraisers, charities and volunteerism. Star Wars fans unite!  Right now, Loxley is attempting to walk 15,000 miles to raise $100,000 for the Monashe Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.


scott loxley without his stormtrooper helmet on
Image via Imgur
scott loxley crossing longest road in australia
Image via Imgur

To raise money for the Children’s Hospital, Loxley has been walking in his self-built costume all over Australia since late 2013. He’s got 15,000 miles to cover — a feat which will take him about 18 months in total.

scott loxley storming australia on a camel
Image via Imgur

Loxley’s path:

scott loxley's route all over australia
Image via Imgur

$100,000. That’s Loxley’s goal and so far he’s raised $18,000. Even with incredibly hot weather, countless flies, and solitude, Loxley treks on.  He is a trooper for his cause.

And it is a worthwhile cause. The Monashe Children’s Hospital takes care of over 30,000 kids every year. Loxley is dedicated to helping because he imagines how he’d want his kids to be treated if they ever ended up in the hospital. Many hospitals often lack the best equipment and resources that are pivotal in ensuring a swift and peaceful visit for kids. Seeing children smile, even though they are going through the toughest battles at such a young age, inspires Loxley to keep on going and trekking for his goal.

hot weather aussie
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scott loxley visiting kids at hospital in sandtrooper costume
Image via Storming Australia Facebook

Loxley has caught the attentions of fans and supporters from all over the country, who’ve taken pictures with him, learned about his cause, and even offered him a place to sleep or a meal. This guy is so dedicated and he won’t stop until he reaches his goal! We love the commitment.

stranger giving drink to scott loxley while he storms through australia
Image via Storming Australia Facebook

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