Man Makes Wild Catch To Save Stranger’s Phone On Roller Coaster.

While many of us struggle to catch a set of car keys tossed in our direction, other people were clearly blessed with cat-like reflexes. Samuel Kempf of Timaru, New Zealand, is definitely in the second category. Maybe it's because he's an athlete, or maybe he was born this way. Regardless, thanks to an epic midair catch, his reflexes are now the stuff of legend. Samuel was visiting Barcelona, Spain, after competing in the Fistballing World Championships in Switzerland. He and some friends had decided to spend the day at PortAventura Park and had a fun but uneventful time until they boarded the Shambhala ride. The Shambhala is a steel hypercoaster that reaches speeds of 83 mph and soars 249 feet into the air. Until 2018 it was considered to be the fastest and highest roller coaster in all of Europe. As Samuel took his seat, he noticed a man had dropped his phone in the bottom of his car and couldn't reach it. He joked to his brother that when the ride took a dive, they should "get ready to catch," never believing those words would come true! “The ride started, and I totally forgot about it because I was just in the moment," Samuel said. "After the first drop we rose up, and I just saw the phone drift across my view so I reached out and managed to catch it." Sure enough, the ride's reaction video captures the incredible moment when Samuel spots the phone flying by and almost effortlessly snatches it. Samuel and his brother spend the rest of the ride in awe of what just happened, pumping their fists and celebrating the ridiculously lucky grab. The only person who was more excited was the guy who dropped the phone! As soon as the ride stopped, he rushed over to Samuel to thank him and retrieve his belonging. The grateful stranger also bought Samuel a copy of the ride's reaction video, which the young New Zealander then uploaded to YouTube. Unsurprisingly, the clip went viral, launching Samuel into Internet fame for his quick reflexes. Talk about a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time! All we can say is if we ever need someone to catch a flying object hundreds of feet off the ground, Samuel will be our first choice.
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