Mailman Sees Frantic Mom At Front Door, Then Realizes The Terrifying Truth.

Imagine this scenario, you’re home alone with your new baby and all is well. You turn your back for one second only to hear the sounds of muffled crying and strangled breaths swelling behind you. After a fraction of a second it dawns on you… the little life you so cherish is fading right before your eyes.


Stephanie Cooper was home alone with her baby Eli when she found herself in exactly this scenario. Eli had somehow managed to tear off a small piece of plastic with his teeth and swallow it when Stephanie was not looking.


Stephanie began pounding on her son’s back to try and dislodge the plastic, but to no avail. In that moment she heard something at the front door. Thinking it was her husband, Stephanie sprinted for the door with Eli in her arms only to see the last person she expected.

Standing in her door was her postman, Chris Brown. The 24 year postal service and military veteran took the child in his arms and did the only thing he knew how.


Check out the conclusion to their amazing story in the post below!

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