Adorable Reaction When Luke Bryan Realizes Who’s In The Crowd Will Melt Your Heart

Luke Bryan is known for heartwarming on-stage antics, but this time around he may have outdone himself. During a small VIP acoustic show in Georgia, Bryan noticed a sweet senior lady in the crowd and after a moment realized who she was.

His former neighbor – 88-year-old Bernice Williams – was in the crowd show showing her support for the now famous country music star. Once he made the connection, Bryan set his guitar down on the stage and ran over to Bernice for a big ‘ol bear hug.

“Are you good? It’s good to see you!” he exclaimed.

Luke then jumped back on stage and explained to the crowd just how good a neighbor Bernice was, “People say that they are your neighbor, but she is, like, my neighbor. Like, my dogs ate her cat food.”

It’s wonderful to see someone who’s gained so much success stay true to his roots. Take every chance you can to invest in the people around you.

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