Teacher Cares For Newborn After Student’s Family Contracts COVID-19.

As the world grapples with the novel coronavirus pandemic, teachers are being asked to step up in more ways than one.

Not only have educators had to drop everything and convert their lessons to an online format, but they’ve also been tasked with caring for their student’s emotional health. Luciana Machado Lira of Connecticut recently went above and beyond for one family in need, and her story is powerful enough to bring tears to our eyes!


Luciana is a bilingual educator who specializes in English as a second language. Her friend, fellow teacher Joy Colon, recently shared how Luciana responded when she received a troubling phone call from the mother of one of her 7-year-old students.

“She told Luciana she was going into labor and had no one else she could call,” Joy wrote on Facebook. “She asked if Luciana would call her husband who does not speak English. … Then she asked Luciana if she could come to the hospital; she had just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and she was about to deliver.”

The brave mom and educator didn’t hesitate to rush over. When she arrived, she helped them communicate with the hospital staff. She also spoke with her student’s stepfather, who thought he would probably test positive for the novel coronavirus and was “terrified” to get his newborn sick.

“Then he asked my friend to take the baby home with her… at least until the test results came back,” Joy said. “And of course, Luciana did.”


Even though Luciana hardly knew this family, she came through for them — and possibly saved a child’s life! The rest of their test results came back positive a week later, but thanks to Luciana’s stunning act of kindness, they are able to recover without worrying about the baby’s health!

Joy concluded the heartwarming story with these powerful words:

Essential workers are out there working every day. We’re all at home, working and groping for an understanding of this new normal that caught all of us off guard. But this unselfish act reminds us that our humanity makes us all essential… to each other. How will each of us respond when we are asked to simply show up and help?


Luciana may not consider herself to be a hero, but we certainly do! The bond between teachers and their students is unbreakable, regardless of their circumstances.

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