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Lowe’s Worker Goes Above & Beyond To Make Kid’s “Box Fort” Dreams Come True.

Kids have wild imaginations. When Mississippi mom Wendy Bailey told her son she’d ordered a new refrigerator, his head filled with visions of building a truly epic fort from the cardboard box. For two weeks, he waited patiently on the delivery, only to be crushed when the deliveryman arrived with the fridge — but no box!

When Wendy explained her son’s disappointment to the Lowe’s worker, he did something that stunned them both: he turned around, went back to the store, and returned with a giant box, saying, “Every little boy needs an awesome box fort!”


Wendy shared the whole sweet story on Facebook, writing, “There’s one thrilled six-year-old in my house this morning who also learned an important lesson today about kindness.”

Way to go, Lowe’s deliveryman!

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