She Left Him This Love Letter When She Died. His Sunflower Response Is Beyond Touching.

When his wife died of cancer last November, Don Jaquish wanted to do something to honor her. So he did something…. something huge.

Jaquish planted sunflowers in her honor. Not a couple, but 4.5 miles worth.

Fighting cancer for 9 years, Babbette maintained her bright spirit. “She’d walk into a room and her smile would light up a whole room,” Don said, “There wasn’t anyone that ever met her that didn’t love her.”

bab 1

 Brad Mikelson

The sunflowers run in 60 foot strips along Wisconsin State Road 85. The drive is breathtaking.  The Jaquish family will sell the seeds, calling them Seeds of Hope, to raise money for other cancer patients.

In a goodbye letter to her husband, Babette told him, “You move on and live each day. Feel me in the morning air…” And he is determined to do this.

Watch the video below to see the beautiful sun-yellow roadsides planted in Babbette’s honor.

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