Couple Is Shocked When Kids Find Their Lost, 50 Yr. Old Car From Wedding Day.

Tim and Routh drove away in a brand new, beautiful red ’65 Mustang on their wedding day 50 years ago. Now, decades later, it’s time for a reunion.

The ‘stang became a beloved part of their family, so when mom and dad had to give up the car after having it for 30 years, it wasn’t easy… and they never thought they’d see it again.

But when their daughter Michelle recently got a tip the exact same car was restored and sitting in a broker’s warehouse, she knew it was time for the pony to gallop home.

Michelle and her sister Heather plotted to use the car as an epic anniversary surprise for their parents! When it was finally time for the big reveal, everyone was so excited. The moment Tim and Routh saw the Mustang, their faces were filled with joy and neither could stop smiling.

“Same girl. Same Guy. Same Car.” That was the sweet poster tied with ribbon on the back on the car.

Watch this thoughtful and touching show of love!

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