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Loan Counselor Makes Touching Offer When Abused Woman Shares Her Story.

It’s said we should always be kind because everyone we meet is fighting a battle we may know nothing about.

Imgur user tigerlilytoph shared a story that perfectly encapsulates this concept. It all began at work one day when she received a phone call from a woman who’d fallen several months behind on her loan payments.


Like most loan counselors, tigerlilytoph is used to hearing “sob stories.” Nearly everyone calls with a reason they couldn’t make their payments, and she’s often forced to give a harsh dose of reality. But in some cases, she is able to work with the customer to find ways to defer, reduce payments, or even expunge the loan.

That day, the woman who called gave one of the best reasons to be late on payments that tigerlilytoph has ever heard. “I needed to hide money to be able to leave a relationship that had become abusive once we moved in together,” the woman wrote. “Once it crossed the physically abusive line, I slept in my car.”

About a week later, the woman also lost her job. She had no choice but to risk her credit paying for places to stay instead of working off her loans.


Just when things seemed to go from bad to worse, the abused woman found another job. She was working diligently to get back on her feet — she just needed a little help with her loans.

Tigerlilytoph looked into the matter and discovered she could fix the woman’s problems without her having to pay anything. “She started crying (so of course I cried too at my desk). We got her fixed up, and she (and her credit) are going to be alright.”


The story stuck with the loan counselor. She deals with many people who treat her badly. After all, nobody likes stressful calls about loans. But interactions like this one remind her that everyone we meet is struggling with something.

Tigerlilytoph wrapped up her post with an important reminder: “Be gentle with each other. You never know if someone is ready to shatter.” She also shared a few tips on dealing with loans to support people struggling to keep their heads above water.


Kindness can go a long way. This loan counselor can sleep well knowing she did the right thing in coming alongside a fellow human trying to get by.

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