4-Yr-Old Rips Open Giant Present Then Yells With Delight When Gift Says Her Name.

little girl opens giant present

For military personnel and their families alike, being on deployment marks the toughest seasons of their life. Every year, 3 million service men and women are unable to return home for family birthdays, events or holidays… it’s a sacrifice willingly made, but not forgotten.

While many men and women will be away for these important events, a lucky few are able to return home and be with their families – and the video below gives us a glimpse into one of those moments. One military dad was able to see his little family for the first time in months but the moment he surprises his little daughter is beautiful to see.

On November 3rd, Shannon Louisa decided she wanted to surprise her little girl, Leah, with something big for her birthday. Shannon asked Leah’s father, an army medic named Alec, if he would be willing be part of the surprise for the little one when he came home on leave.

After he agreed, Shannon packed Alec away in a lifesize giftwrapped box. She then led her daughter into the room to open her birthday gift. The little one was a little hesitant to open a box larger than her, but with a little help from mom she quickly discovered the wonderful surprise.

Check out the moment in the video below!

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