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Tiny Wiener Dogs Bolt Into Lion’s Cage, But Lion’s Move Has Zookeepers Amazed.

Dogs and cats tend to get along just fine when they’re introduced young enough. Even Dachshunds, those fearless wiener dogs trapped in a little dog’s body, can be taught to at least leave the cat alone if he’s socialized early enough.

Take Abby and Bonedigger, both residents at Greater Wynnewood Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Abby and three other Dachshunds first met Bonedigger the Barbary lion when they were all a little more than a month old. Today, Bonedigger is affectionate with all four of his little pals, but feisty Abby has carved out a special place in his heart.


Bonedigger outweighs his little girlfriend by about a quarter ton, and she could probably fit in his two massive paws. But this 9-year-old lion has never been very social, so other than one particular zookeeper, John Reinkene, Abby and the other Dachshunds are really the only friends he socializes with.


“I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this bond,” John said. “They’re always just loving on each other.”


“The lesson that you get from Abby and Bonedigger living together is, he is a wild animal, but he can be tamed,” he said. “A wienie dog is a tamed animal, but it can be wild. There’s a little bit of each animal in each one of them.”


Watch this seemingly mismatched pair snuggle and play together in the video below.

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