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He Lost His Limbs In Afghanistan, The Moment He Walks Again Is Breathtaking.

Taylor and Danielle exemplify true love.

Five months after being deployed, Taylor Morris lost portions of his limbs in a bomb blast while clearing a path for a team of U.S. Special Forces.

Maintaining consciousness immediately after the explosion, Taylor notified someone to call his girlfriend Danielle. The next day he woke up completely without arms and legs.

When Danielle got the news, she felt numb. But when she was finally able to see him she said, “even with all those tubes — tubes in his nose, his neck, his arms — a neck brace and, obviously, limbs missing, I had this instant, overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be OK.”

Having prosthetics, he has re-learned to walk, eat, run, jump, and swim. It has been a challenging process, but Taylor and Danielle took it on together.

He is now married to Danielle!

Watch the video below to be inspired by Taylor’s determination and perseverance.

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