Liberian Woman Single-Handedly Saved Her Family From Ebola And Her New Method Is Being Used All Across Africa.

fatu kekula liberia ebola

22-year-old Fatu Kekula is truly incredible. This brave young woman saved three out of four of her relatives that were infected with the Ebola virus. Now her unique methods for survival are being taught all over West Africa.


fatu kekula ebola lifesaver
Image via African Sweetheart

At the end of July, Fatu’s father Moses was experiencing high blood pressure, so she quickly took him to the local hospital in Kakata, Liberia. There was one free space on a bed in the hospital (only because someone had passed away) but unbeknownst to the family, that person had died from Ebola. Because of this, Moses contracted the disease.

His symptoms started to appear soon after, but their local hospital was closed because so many nurses had died from the virus. Fatu had to then take Moses to other hospitals much farther away from home. However, each and every hospital they visited turned them down because they were already over capacity.

Left with few options, they returned home, which is when Moses came into contact with the other family members causing them all to contract the deadly virus. Fatu – now the only member unaffected – began taking care of her father, mother, sister, and cousin, all by herself.

Fatu’s family members

fatu's family members she saved
Image via African Sweetheart

That’s when Fatu took matters into her own hands. The nursing school student contacted the family doctor, who refused to come to their home because of the possibility of getting infected. Taking the next best option, she consulted him for advice and then retrieved medicines and fluids from a local clinic. Her studies helped her create her own intravenous lines for the meds.

It’s a miracle that Fatu herself was not infected in the 2 weeks she was taking care of her family, being in close contact with them day in and day out. Her amazing “luck” has a lot to do with her unique protection method. She took all the proper precautions for avoiding contact multiple times a day by using layers of trash bags on her feet and hair, as well as wearing rubber boots, 4 pairs of gloves, and a face mask.

fatu kekula covered in layers of protective gear
Image via African Sweetheart

Without access to goggles or the “space suits” that well-equipped areas are using, she came up with the trash bag method. Her resourceful protection suit has impressed health professionals and aid workers in the area and internationally.

Lack of resources, functioning hospitals, expensive healthcare, and other factors are making treatment and survival inaccessible and virtually impossible in West Africa, where Ebola is spreading like wild fire. Fatu’s method is now being taught to West Africans who are unable to obtain the urgent and vital care they so desperately need… but now they have a better chance of improving their conditions.

Fatu was able to save her mother, father, and sister, but sadly, her cousin’s condition did not improve and he didn’t survive the disease.

fatu kekula saves family from ebola
Image via Ebola Virus Disease

The surviving members of the Kekula family have made a full recovery all thanks to the commitment, courage, and skills Fatu so clearly demonstrated. There’s no doubt that she’ll continue to save more lives with her care and her lifesaving approach.

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