Dad Dazzles Neighborhood With “Frozen” Christmas Display, Creates Epic “Let It Go” Light Show.

In 2013 Disney introduced us to Frozen, an instant classic. Since then, we've seen several Frozen fans go viral. There was this mother-daughter pair who melted hearts with the cutest-ever "Love Is an Open Door" duet, and there were these college students who dressed as the movie's heroines and visited sick children in the hospital. But as great as these videos were-- as much as we love the characters in Frozen and the lessons that it taught-- if we're being honest, we all know that the best thing to come out of Frozen is the song "Let It Go." In the video below, a man named John Storms from Austin, Texas shows his appreciation for the Disney jam by setting his Christmas lights in sync with the song. The display uses tens of thousands of bulbs, but don't worry: it's energy efficient! Johns says the "Let It Go" display is only a small part of an hour-long light show, but the whole thing only costs $6 to run for an entire season thanks to its LED bulbs. "We have regular lights on our indoor Christmas tree, and it uses more electricity than the whole outdoor display," explained John. Oh, and don't worry about the neighbors, either. John and his family have been crafting these Christmas displays for years... and the neighborhood loves it! Check out the incredible display below! Share to spread some Christmas cheer and Disney magic today.
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