LEGO’s New Program Has Found The Perfect Place For Your Used Toys.

If you’re someone with older children (or you just enjoy building things), the chance that you have a box or two of LEGOs sitting around is pretty high.

So many children have enjoyed playing with the colorful blocks, but when they move on to other hobbies, they don’t know what to do with the toys. Thankfully, now there’s a solution! The LEGO company has come up with a genius plan to repurpose old playthings by putting them in the hands of kids in need!


The new LEGO Replay program is encouraging parents to box up their used LEGOs and ship them back to the company. The blocks will go straight to a facility that will inspect, clean, repackage, and distribute them to nonprofits around the country. So far they’ve gone to Boys & Girls Clubs in Boston and Teach For America, and more groups will be included as the program gains traction.

“LEGO covers all costs of shipping,” said Tim Brooks, LEGO’s vice president of corporate responsibility. “Find any old box, get your LEGO bricks and pop them into the box, print out a label, and you’re done.”


The program has been in the works for many years now. The idea came from the many customers who asked the organization if they could recycle or donate the once-beloved toys taking up space in their homes.

“We’ve always said, ‘Don’t throw old LEGOs away.’ They’re such a durable and high-quality toy,” Tim said. “We want to give consumers a way to reuse those bricks that does some social good and passes those bricks on to kids who might not be able to afford LEGO or need some play.”


What a wonderful way to repurpose old toys! Why let these valuable blocks gather dust in a box somewhere when kids could be enjoying them? As this keeps up, more and more children will get to build to their heart’s content, regardless of what they can afford. Great job, LEGO!

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