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lauren parker parents eye drops

Woman Tries To Help Her Husband With His Eye Drops — To No Avail.

Honestly, men can be such babies sometimes.

It doesn’t matter how grown-up and successful they may be, some guys turn right into petulant 10-year-olds under the right circumstances! (We mean that lovingly, of course!) Lauren Parker, a teenager who is about to start college at New York University in the fall, got a real glimpse into what married life is for many of us, and it’s downright hysterical.


Lauren took a quick video of her mother trying to help out her dad, Tony, with a simple medication administration that should have been no sweat. Tony recently had LASIK surgery to improve his eyesight, and his doctor prescribed some drops that he has to put in his eyes a few times each day.

Easy, right? Wrong.


“My dad is a 50-year-old man who can’t put in eye drops, and had to get my mom to do it for him,” Lauren wrote on Twitter. “This is why I love my parents so much, and no, he never got them in.”

“Close your mouth, and open your eyes,” Lauren’s mom says patiently in the video… but Tony can’t seem to do both of those things at once. Every time he tilts his head back, his mouth opens, kind of like how some women can’t put on mascara without opening their mouths.


Lauren’s mom is clearly frustrated, but she’s still so good-natured about it that we can’t help but laugh. She even demonstrates how easy it should be by whipping off her glasses and giving herself some eye drops.

“Oh my god!” Tony exclaims, seemingly shocked by how easily she accomplishes this titanic mission.


The funniest part of this moment has to be when Tony complains that the drops might hurt, and mom has the MOST mom-response ever: “I’ve had three babies. It’s not painful.”


Lauren’s Twitter post went viral, and it’s now been viewed millions of times! Nearly everyone who watched the video agreed that this is a great example of what it’s like to be married for a long time.

One other thing everyone agreed on? How young Tony looks!


Right? We hope we look that good at 50! Hopefully, Tony’s eyeballs are doing okay without the drops, because it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to get them in.

Take a look at the funny video below, and be sure to share with someone who recognizes this husband-wife dynamic.