When Hardworking Mom Loses Job, She Starts Mowing Senior Citizens’ Lawns For Free.

Like many others, Lauren Laborde of Houston, Texas, found herself without a job when the novel coronavirus pandemic lockdowns began. Rather than sit around, she decided to use her newfound free time to do some good.

The mom of two signed up to volunteer with the organization I Want To Mow Your Lawn, and now she visits the homes of senior citizens and disabled veterans in her area to help them care for their yards free of charge!

Lauren Laborde

She was originally working in the oil and gas industry, but when she was laid off, she immediately had the idea to start giving back. These days, mowing lawns fills up her weekdays (and an occasional weekend).

The organization she's partnering with was started by Brian Schwartz, a man in New Jersey who also found himself out of work because of the pandemic. His initial goal was to recruit more volunteers in his area, but his reach soon extended across the country!

Lauren Laborde

Volunteers at the grassroots organization have already done so much to help their neighbors and relieve stress.

One of Lauren's clients, a woman named Olga, said she had no idea a service like this existed. Olga is on a fixed income, so her options were to either risk hurting herself to manage her lawn on her own or overextend herself financially to hire the job out.

According to the organization's Facebook page, Olga has not only continued to work with Lauren, but she has also referred a friend to the program, and she couldn't be more thankful for the support!

Lauren Laborde

What an amazing way to turn a difficult situation into something wonderful! Way to go, Lauren and everyone else involved in this national act of kindness.

You can learn more about I Want To Mow Your Lawn on their website, including how you can volunteer in your area. Be sure to share this story to spread the word and get your friends involved.

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