Stolen Laptop With Late Mom’s Loving Messages To Daughter Miraculously Returns.

It’s always disappointing when you realize someone has stolen from you. But what can make it even more upsetting is losing an item that has priceless emotional value.

For Wally Kristof, it was a laptop that someone stole from his truck. On that laptop were videos recorded by his late wife, Dawn.

Dawn had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Anticipating her death, she was determined to leave heartfelt messages behind for her 4-year-old daughter, Ellie.

mom messages

Dawn wanted little Ellie to know her voice, even after she was no longer around. This involved hours of video — all saved to Wally’s laptop. Messages like:

“You’re my superhero. I think you are the reason that I was put here… I do. I think I was brought here, so the world could enjoy you.”


So when a thieving stranger snatched Wally’s laptop, they inadvertently took all of Dawn’s loving words for her daughter with them. He even posted a sign out front to beg for the laptop back. It was a devastating situation and with each passing week, Wally lost hope.

“I had 100 percent given up on it … And then I got a strange phone call.”

wally reward

That “strange phone call” informed Wally where he could find the laptop. He was beside himself with joy. Now, his daughter would once again have the chance to know and see her mother … to hear her mother’s love in a voice that she now has the chance to remember and know.


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