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Trucker Finds Abandoned Dog Lying In Dirt & Pleads With Internet For Help.

An 8-year-old yellow Labrador lived a miserable existence in the months leading up to his rescue, depending on the kindness of strangers for sustenance and sleeping in a parking lot… a parking lot directly across the street from his former home.

His family left him behind when they moved over the spring, but he remained close by in the hopes they’d return. Meanwhile, a delivery driver took pity on the dejected pooch and set up an Instagram account for him, hoping to get the word out about this dog’s plight and, hopefully, find him a new home.


That’s all it took: A couple pictures of the dejected pooch at his makeshift home near a landscaping company in mid-June, and a short explanation.

You don’t even have to be a big animal lover to feel sorry for this poor guy, knowing he once had a family and a home, and that despite being abandoned, he was still waiting for them to come back for him.


That night, San Diego resident Derek Ruxton managed to coax him into his car, and he got a bath and real meal, not just scraps, for the first time in months!

larry gets bath

Now clean and with a full belly, Larry the dog was ready for the next leg of his journey. A volunteer with Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Love Leo Rescue picked him up from his temporary home and took him back to Los Angeles.

He was visibly in poor health, though, so instead of trying to immediately find him a home, Larry was taken for a full medical workup. That’s when they found out he had Cushing’s disease.


His condition required round-the-clock care and medication that costs $180 a month, so he stayed there at the clinic for more than a month.

It didn’t take long for his medication to start working its magic, and his coat regained its luster. But the combination of feeling better physically, and knowing he was surrounded by people whose love was unconditional, even worked its own magic on his personality!


Larry was even featured in a pet adoption segment hosted by Larissa Wohl on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family”!


His affectionate personality has gotten him adopted by three different families, but his illness and experiences caused severe separation anxiety, and the people who adopted him weren’t equipped to handle that. So unfortunately he’s been returned each time. But Love Leo Rescue’s president, Sasha Abelson, says he’s still holding out hope for a forever home.

He’s been so resilient, doesn’t hold a grudge, and still loves people even though they’ve let him down in the past. He’s just a happy, grateful dog. He just wants someone to take care of him and be there for him …

Some dogs have a bad experience or are abandoned and it scars them for the rest of their lives, but with him — he’s just so sweet, he needs someone to realize that … It’s a little bit like a Cinderella looking for her slipper. We know they’re out there and we’re willing to wait for the perfect person.

Larry not only has his own Instagram so people can keep up with him, but also a GoFundMe account. Do you love Larry and want to give him a furever home in the Los Angelos area? Please email [email protected]

Watch the video below to hear more about Larry and share to help get this sweet pup adopted!

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