4-Year-Old Brings New Life To Residents At Retirement Community.

“Sweet” isn’t usually the term you’d use to describe a reality TV show, but the British documentary “Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds” is about as pure as it gets.

Lark Hill Village, a retirement home in Nottingham that hundreds of elderly residents call home, recently had a shake-up. 10 four-year-old boys and girls temporarily set up camp.


10 residents between the ages of 81 and 102 were paired with these younger counterparts to see whether it led to any improvements in their ability to move, cognitive abilities, and overall moods.

Emma and Alex decide to enroll their daughter, an only child named Lily, because they like the idea behind the experiment. They also hoped that it will teach invaluable lessons in compassion.

“If she can ease the loneliness and understand what it is like for other people, that’s the thing I want her to get from it,” Emma added.

lily neck wattles

Lily was paired with Ken Pidcock, an 87-year-old widower who’d become a self-described hermit after losing his wife, Barbara, to cancer five years earlier. For two years, he didn’t even bother to leave Lark Village, but that changed during a chance encounter with a feisty, little girl who offered to swap her veggies for his fries.

And the two have been besties ever since.

“If Barbara could see me now, with the children, I’d imagine her looking down, just laughing her socks off,” he says.

lily in kens lap

“My favorite person is Ken.” Lily says.

Ken’s really looking for any excuse to leave Lark Village now, especially if it involves hanging out with Lily, and he couldn’t wait to sit down at their table for some cake and tea to celebrate her fourth birthday!

You don’t have to say hello to me because you’ve met me before…

ken meets lilys parents

And what a grand time they have, drinking tea and eating cake — turns out Ken’s birthday was just a couple weeks before, but fortunately Lily’s cake was big enough for a double celebration. Just look at the way he lights up!

ken and lily birthday

After their sweet friendship, it should come as no surprise that interacting with children does, in fact, improve memories and cognitive functioning of the elderly. And as far as mobility, what better motivation could Ken have to get out than following his little friend and helping her create imaginary worlds?

Viewers have commented on so many favorite parts of this video, but whatever they were, they all agree this is a great idea that should be implemented everywhere:

lily and ken reddit2

Watch the full video below to see more of their sweet interactions, and share to spread this amazing idea.


Warning: this friendship will melt your heart <3

Posted by The Viral Savagery on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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