lake conroe deer rescue

Good Samaritan Jumps Into Lake & Rescues Drowning Deer.

When you live in a place where summertime temperatures frequently dip into the 100s, it’s understandable that everyone looks for a good place to cool off — even the local wildlife.

That’s why residents of Lake Conroe, Texas, weren’t exactly surprised to see a deer taking a dip to chill out. They’re actually pretty good swimmers. But this particular deer’s attempt to cool down soon turned into a life-and-death struggle.

texas deer rescue

Montgomery County officials got a call around noon on May 6 about a deer in distress and headed out to the site. One of the responders, Lt. Timothy Cade, explained that deer often have a hard time climbing over the retaining walls homeowners who live on the lake erect to protect the shore from erosion.

It’s not clear how long this buck had been flailing around, but it was clearly exhausted from trying to stay afloat.

texas lake deer rescue

“I saw the resident jump in and he was able to go up to the deer … the deer didn’t fight him … and he cradled it like a baby,” Lt. Cade told a local radio station.

texas lake deer rescue

The resident, identified only as Patrick, gently floated the buck past one dock until he reached the next. But when rescuers aren’t able to pull the deer from that one, either, Patrick heads toward a set of nearby stairs that lead directly into the water.

texas lake deer rescue

From there, he hands the buck off to a member of the lake division patrol, who carries the waterlogged deer to a nearby lawn so it can recuperate from the ordeal.

“He’s going to need a little rest,” one person says off camera.

“We’re going to give you some space, buddy,” another says. “You just sit there and relax.”

texas lake deer rescue

After the young deer took a much-needed four-hour nap, he apparently took off into the woods. It’s so wonderful that people will go to these measures to help the local wildlife survive and thrive.

Watch this Good Samaritan’s noble deed in the clip below, and share to spread thanks that this guy jumped in when he did!

Lake division assisted Walden residence rescue a deer today.

Posted by Montgomery County Pct. 1 Constable on Sunday, May 6, 2018

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