Sweet Little Boy Forms Adorable Friendship With Local Garbage Men.

kyler and bugg bugg

It all started with a friendly Alabama greeting in a small Mississippi town.

One Tuesday morning, Kathleen Reynolds of Clinton, Mississippi, was outside with her grandson, Kyler, when the local waste management company rolled up to collect the trash. Noticing Kathleen’s Alabama sweatshirt, sanitation worker Clarence Weathersby called out, “Roll Tide!” The family exchanged a friendly wave and nod, and Kathleen didn’t think much of it.


But the following Tuesday, three-year-old Kyler was excited to see the garbage truck coming down his street again.

“He started waving at the guys and they started waving back,” Kathleen explained, “and then around Halloween and Christmas we made treats for them. We took them out to them and they just loved them and then they started picking Kyler up and he started learning how to operate the garbage truck.”

kyler and bugg bugg

Now, every single Tuesday, Kyler can’t wait to help his grandma take out the garbage so he can see his buddies again. When the truck rounds the bend in the road, Clarence gives the horn a few toots, and Kyler breaks into an adorable happy dance.


Kyler likes to bring snacks and treats for Clarence, whom he calls “Bugg Bugg.” With Bugg Bugg’s help, Kyler even helps put the garbage into the truck and pulls the lever to squash it down. That’s pretty exciting stuff for a little kid!


Bugg Bugg treats Kyler like a family member, swinging him up for hugs and kisses, and even giving the little boy a present for his birthday.

Kyler’s got enough love to go around, though. All three of the men on the truck now stop to say hello to their favorite little guy. He really brightens their day!


“Bugg Bugg just treats him super special,” Kathleen said. β€œHe picks him up like it’s a little brother thing … it’s great to see the interaction between them.”


“They’re just friends, and they just know love and they know kindness, and that’s the great thing about this.”

What a wonderful bond, and a great reminder that you just never know where you might meet your next friend!

Watch Kyler’s sweet happy dance below, and don’t forget to share!

Clinton toddler forms special bond with garbage men

We are SOBBING! How beautiful is this video?! "They're just friends, you know. They just know love and they know kindness. That's the great thing about this." Tuesdays on Rosemont Street in Mississippi are a big deal for 3-year-old Kyler as he knows he's got a smelly, important job to do! –> http://bit.ly/2F1FJrj

Posted by WBRC FOX6 News on Thursday, March 1, 2018

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