Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Share Beautiful Explanation For Missing Their Anniversary.

Time sure flies when you get to spend every day with your favorite person.


Just ask iconic Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Before and after tying the knot, the parents of two have lived in a happy bubble they’ve created through love, trust, and respect. So when their wedding anniversary rolled around this October, you’d think they would have gone all out to celebrate. Only here’s how it really went: They both forgot.

dax shepard and kristen bell

Bell wasn’t too concerned when she admitted the date had slipped their minds. In fact, in a heartfelt Instagram post, she explained why the exact day will never matter to either of them.

We were reminded by family and friends that at some point last week, it was our five-year wedding anniversary. In truth, neither of us remember which day,” Bell wrote. “That’s because we have been living the celebration of our commitment every moment since.”

dax shepard and kristen bell

What she said next is even more incredible:

I find when you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant. To get to wake up next to someone who has put hard work, respectful fights, patience, understanding, and gratitude into your relationship is the definition of love. I will never remember the date of our anniversary, @daxshepard, and I know you won’t either. And that’s just one more thing I love about us.

dax shepard and kristen bell

Inadvertently backing up her point, Bell even forgot how long they’d been married. A fan commented to remind Bell this year is actually their sixth wedding anniversary. Bell just laughed.

Even though this awesome couple didn’t know it was their big day until they received “happy anniversary” texts, their time was no less filled with joy. Bell posted a photo of herself and Shepard sharing an adorable smooch, making it clear they’re just as in love as ever.


As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love these cuties! Happy anniversary, you two. May you forget many more anniversaries together!

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