Uncoordinated Dog’s Funky “Dance” Moves Shoot Her To Viral Stardom.

Happy Koda the Kelpie is one dog who refuses to let her body’s so-called limitations slow her down!


Koda is an Australian Kelpie, a breed that’s raised to muster and drive livestock from place to place around farms. Kelpies are high energy dogs with a strong prey drive, and they love nothing more than helping out their humans.


Koda is just like any other Kelpie, except for one important fact. She has a neurological condition that makes it largely impossible for her to fully control her body. As a result, her movements are uncoordinated and all over the place, but never fear: it doesn’t seem to bother this happy pooch one little bit!

Koda’s owner is Lindy Dalla Costa. They live together with a host of other pets and livestock in Melbourne, Australia. Lindy often shares videos of Koda running around and she’s gained quite a large following online! More than 86,000 people follow Happy Koda the Kelpie on TikTok, and their videos have racked up over 2.3 million likes to date.


The way Koda moves makes it look like she spends her entire life dancing from place to place. Lindy often accompanies Koda’s wacky movements with quirky music like “The Pink Panther” or “Benny Hill” theme songs, adding a highly comedic element to the clips. Her owner says it’s okay to laugh at the cute way Koda moves through life because she’s not in any pain and she is the happiest dog you’ll ever meet!

“My body might go in different directions sometimes but that’s ok because I’m one happy puppy,” Lindy wrote on Instagram. “Koda struggles sometimes picking up things like other dogs, but she never gives up trying and most time finds her own way,” Lindy later explained.


Koda is so cute and full of life, it’s no wonder she’s making big waves on the internet! She shows us every day that we can all find a way to express our joy in our own unique ways.

Check out one of Koda’s funny videos below, and be sure to share.

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