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He Heard A Faint Sound From A Drain Pipe, 33 Hours Later… A Stunning Rescue That Will Melt Your Heart.

It’s been estimated by the ASPCA that there could be upwards of 70 million stray cats in the U.S. at any given time. With that, it’s very easy to assume that a good amount of them are on their own – whether they’re older or just infants, fighting to stay alive.

One tiny kitten was completely on her own and somehow found herself stuck in an 8 inch drainage pipe with no way out.

That’s when a wonderful man heard some faint meowing, and went to investigate. He found the helpless kitten and set out on a mission, determined to save the little animal – who they named Piper.

After trying everything he could, he sought out the help of others, and with a determined group of people, an amazing thing happened.

Watch below, it’s stunning!

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