Kids Had No Idea They Were On Film, But Their Walmart National Anthem Is ADORABLE.

Is there anything better than kids innocently goofing off and having a blast?  This video is the epitome of that.  It really makes me long to be a child again.



Mark Ammann happened to be walking through Walmart when he heard a very odd rendition of the national anthem being sung.  He said, “Walked over just in time to catch this!”  When he turned the corner, he caught 4 friends (maybe siblings) singing into demo fans at the top of their lungs.


What is so special about this video is that it reminds us to be like kids.  In many ways, kids are clueless and inferior.  But in many other ways, they are superior because they can see the best in life, they can act on it, and they can have a blast!  When was the last time you saw a fan and considered that it could be an instrument of fun?  Probably a while.


So here’s our takeaway: Do something child-like.  Seriously.  Build a blanket fort, jump in a rain puddle just because you can, or start singing in public.  There are plenty of ideas to bring out that inner-innocence and have a great time!

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