Mom Notices Man Yelling At Car, Then Woman Inside Mouths “We’ve Been Kidnapped”.

It was just a regular shopping trip to Walmart for Tia Withers of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, when suddenly she found herself in the position to save two lives.

Tia had just finished shopping and was heading through the parking lot with her two children when she noticed a man standing with a woman and young boy nearby. The man was angrily raving about finding a Western Union, and the woman looked extremely frightened.


Tia’s sixth sense kicked in and she knew something was very wrong. When the man’s back was turned, the woman with him looked at Tia and desperately whispered five chilling words.

“Help me, we’ve been kidnapped.”

When Tia heard the man threaten to kill them if they didn’t get back in the car, she knew she had to intervene, and fast. She got into her car and pulled in behind the man’s car, blocking his exit. She quickly dialed 911.

“Two people have been kidnapped. They are sitting there in a car, I am blocking them off,” Withers told police.


When he put his car in reverse and acted like he was going to ram Tia’s car, she moved out of the way because she had her own kids in the car and didn’t want to risk harming them.

The man sped off, but instead of just waiting for the police to arrive, Tia took her rescue a step further and began to follow the car! Along the way she gave police his license plate number and turn-by-turn directions.

As she followed the dangerous man and his victims, Tia can be heard on the recorded line crying, “Oh my God, oh my God.”


When police finally apprehended him, Tia was right there to witness his arrest. It turns out Michael McKinney had kidnapped the woman and her son from North Carolina and had driven them all the way to central Ohio before they;d been spotted by Tia spotted. They’d been at Walmart because Michael was trying to extort money from the woman’s bank account.

Once the police were busy arresting Michael, Tia is heard tearfully exclaiming, “Oh, I am so thankful for you guys. Oh, thank you guys!”


When he got out of the car, Michael also threw a packet of drugs into the bushes. Tia noticed and told the police about that as well. Michael is currently being held in jail, charged with kidnapping, extortion, and drug possession.

Thankfully, both victims were unharmed, and we are beyond grateful that Tia was paying attention that day. She is truly a hero!

Share this story to remind everyone to be attentive of their surroundings! You never know when you will have the opportunity to save someone’s life.

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