12-Yr-Old Croons His Way Into Judges’ Hearts With “Try A Little Tenderness” Cover.

kerr james

If James Brown was “the Godfather of Soul,” Kerr James might just be the grandson.

Kerr has been performing all around his native city of Glasgow, Scotland, for several years, gaining fans left and right with his surprising voice and copious amounts of charisma. He lists Queen frontman Freddie Mercury as his musical idol and muse, and it’s not hard to draw comparisons with Kerr’s suave style and Freddie’s own outrageous persona.


Oh, did we forget to mention that Kerr is only 12? It’s true! This young man has barely hit puberty yet he’s already got a fan base and a budding music career. After honing his voice on city sidewalks and in pubs he’s ready to take his career to the next level, starting with an audition on the mega-popular talent competition “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Kerr also plays several instruments and writes his own songs, and as he steps onto the stage in front of BGT judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden, he hardly even appears nervous. Instead, the young man is all smiles, telling the judges what he hopes to achieve in the competition: “To become a recording artist, that would be the best.”


Sometimes a singer opens their mouth and sounds completely different than you’d expected them to sound, and that’s certainly the case with Kerr. On the outside, he’s a clean-cut young man… but as soon as he starts singing, he transforms into a soulful R&B singer with a voice that’s way older than his years.

Kerr chose “Try A Little Tenderness,” a bluesy song made famous by legendary singer Otis Redding. It’s incredible how much emotion this young man puts into the song, and those watching backstage agree that Kerr seems to transform into a totally different person the minute he starts crooning.


All four judges seemed to agree that he’s a shoo-in for the competition, with David telling him, “You talked about Freddie Mercury, and I think one of the things that made him so special is he had this extraordinary voice and he was this absolute dynamite performer. Amazing.”

“You came out with this real energy, real optimism. Positive,” Simon told him. “And you’re good when you’re different and you’re good when you stand out. I really like you.”


Alesha agreed, telling Kerr he has “bundles and bundles of potential” before calling for a vote. It should come as no surprise that all four judges gave him yeses. Kerr made it all the way to the show’s semi-finals, and continues to sing today!

Watch Kerr wow the judges with “Try A Little Tenderness” below, and be sure to share.

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