2 Young Men Open Colorful “Aurtism” Therapy Center For Kids On The Spectrum.

Art can be a wonderful way to find healing, especially for people who struggle to express themselves.

Former basketball player Kenneth Harrison experienced this when it helped him through his depression. After a a career-ending back injury in college, his life felt directionless, but then he met artist Courtney Haywood and felt hope blossom again!

courtney and kenneth aurtism

After seeing what a difference art therapy made for Kenneth, the two of them decided to make an even bigger impact.

“We wanted to create a headquarters for happiness,” Kenneth explained. “So we decided to come up with Aurtism and use art as a form of therapy to make people happy again.”

aurtism center

The medical facility, which got its name from a combination of “art” and “autism,” opened its doors in Las Vegas in 2019. Courtney designed the environment to be colorful and open so children with autism and other medical conditions can be comfortable there.

“We provide the ultimate services for mental health,” Kenneth said. “We have individual therapy. We actually have private rooms for people that don’t want to be around anybody.”

aurtism kids

Not only does the program boost self-esteem and creativity, but it also helps kids improve their social skills.

Even better, this incredible pair isn’t just serving the Las Vegas community! A few weeks before 2020 began, they opened another Aurtism center in Arizona. Their ultimate goal is to have one in each major city across the U.S.

aurtism kids

What a beautiful, innovative idea! Everyone needs a healthy way to cope with life, which is why this program is sure to make a difference.

Learn more about Aurtism in the video below, and share this story to support Kenneth and Courtney’s incredible vision!

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