Teacher Stops For 7-Yr-Old Riding Bike On Highway And Helps Save His Dad’s Life.

It’s amazing how quickly kids learn to use technology. It seems impossible, but somehow toddlers know how to work tablets and cell phones better than their own parents! Still, it’s important to remember children don’t know everything.


Cameron Simoncic is no stranger to electronics. At 7-years-old, he’s been using various devices for most of his life. But when an emergency struck and he couldn’t unlock his dad’s phone to call 911, he thankfully had a different kind of help nearby.


Keller Sutherland was driving home one day when she noticed a child riding his bike on a busy four-lane highway. She turned around and was shocked when she realized it was Cameron, one of her former students.

She recognized his behavior was abnormal and tried to figure out what was going on. When Cameron said he was trying to get to his grandma’s house, Keller asked if his dad knew where he was. He said no – because his dad was at home, unconscious after a diabetic episode.


Keller acted quickly, checking to see if Cameron had dialed 911. He’d tried, but he couldn’t unlock his dad’s phone to make the call. So then he ran to his neighbor’s house. When no one answered, he hopped on his bike to ride to his grandma’s – which is five miles away across a busy highway.

Together, Keller and Cameron contacted 911. Fortunately, once police and firefighters arrived, they were able to normalize his dad’s blood sugar and rouse him.


Keller and Cameron’s experience has inspired Greenville County Schools (where Cameron attends and Keller teaches) to develop a program that will teach elementary and middle school students how to access emergency call features on different smartphones without knowing the password.

Cameron’s experience has a happy ending, and that is largely because of Keller’s attentiveness. Their scary experience is such a good reminder to look out for each other and make sure people of all ages understand how to call for help.

Check out the interview with Cameron, Keller, and some of Greenville County Schools’ staff below to learn more about the new smartphone program, and be sure to share this incredible story with your friends!

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